Major: Financial Planning and Risk

Year: Senior

Experience: Intern at Northwestern Mutual; Intern at Leon L. Levy & Associates; Advice Intern at Vanguard

I joined TU-FPA at the beginning of my sophomore year because I was unsure what major(s) I wanted to study. I had an interest in financial planning from my studies of investments and retirement planning in high school; however, I was unsure of the feasibility in turning that interest into a career. What I love about this organization are the opportunities to network not only with high-level industry experts but also with my Fox peers.



Vice President

Majors: Financial Planning and Finance

Year: Senior

Experience:  Intern at Marshall Financial and participating in FPA externship, previous intern at Masso-Torrence Wealth Management, Valley Forge Financial Group, and Lighthouse Planning Consultants

I joined TU-FPA because I originally transferred to Temple specifically for the financial planning program. I wanted to get involved and learn more about the industry; therefore, it made sense for me to join FPA. I stayed active because I wanted to expand my network and learn as much from industry professionals while in college. Now as VP, I want to pass on the same opportunities that FPA gave me to all of our members.



Director of Communications

Major: Financial Planning

Year: Senior

Experience: Intern at CURO Wealth Management

I initially joined TU-FPA because I wanted to explore SPO's related to Finance within FOX. When I attended my first meeting, there were a lot of different terms and acronyms flying around that I wasn't familiar with, but the emphasis on helping people to achieve their own financial goals had me hooked. TU-FPA gives me a place to network with professionals and learn how to be a Financial Planner, while also eating pizza.



Associate Director of Communications

Major: Financial Planning and Finance Year: Junior

Experience: Intern at BlueRock Financial Group

I joined TU-FPA my freshman year in order to gain more knowledge about the industry that I seek to work in after graduation. As I gained more experience through my internship and financial planning classes, I realized how truly beneficial it is to be a member of FPA and establish connections among industry professionals and classmates. I joined the executive board to bring new ideas to the SPO and to help create opportunities for the members of TU-FPA.



Director of Membership

Major: Financial Planning and Human Resources Management  

Year: Senior

Experience: Incoming Financial Planning Intern at Redwood Wealth Management; Externship at FPA

I joined TU-FPA because I wanted to figure out if I should focus on a career in Human Resource Management or Financial Planning. TU-FPA provides a lot of opportunities for networking with professionals which allows you to make connections, ask questions, and get a really good idea of what it might be like to become a professional in the industry.



Associate Director of Membership

Major: Finance

Year: Senior

Experience: Incoming Intern at MassMutual Greater Philadelphia; Intern at Creative Financial Group

I joined TU-FPA because of my experinece at Creative Financial. I learned and was exposed to the finanical services industry last summer and I enjoyed it very much. I also joined FPA because of the many networking oppurtunites available for members. FPA is a great source for networking and being educated on the financial services industry.



Director of Logistics

Major: Financial Planning

Year: Senior

Experience: Incoming Planning Associate at Copper Beech Financial Group

I joined TU-FPA because I came to Temple with a misunderstaanding of what financial planning really was. Through classroom experience and networking, I learned that a career in financial planning was a great opportunity to use my knowledge to help others grow, and joining FPA gave me another chance to do that..



Director of Marketing

Major: Financial Planning and Accounting

Year: Junior

Experience: Intern at PwC; Incoming Intern at BDO and PwC

I joined TU-FPA at the beginning of my freshman year. I wanted to expand my understanding of the different majors Temple offered since I did not know what I wanted to major in. After joining, I learned I wanted to pursue a career in financial planning. I liked the flexibility the job offers. The weekly speakers help give advice on how to succeed as an advisor in the future. 



Director of Community Service

Major: Finance and Accounting

Year: Junior 

Experience: Intern at Costello Asset Management; Interned at IM Wealth Partners

I joined TU-FPA my freshman year to learn more about financial planning and how to be sucessful in the field. I've learned so much from the guest speakers and made amazing friendships along the way. I hope to one day be able to open up my own RIA firm and make an impact on peoples lives just like our amazing guest speakers do.



Associate Director of Community Service

Major: Financial Planning and Finance

Year: Senior

Experience: College to Corporate Advice Intern at Vanguard; previous intern at AXA Advisors LLC

I joined FPA because I was a finance major but I wanted to explore various career paths in the financial services industry. I quickly realized that the ability to mix finance acumenand interpersonal skills was something that appealed to me in a career. What I love about FPA is the ability to network with industry professionals as well as like minded peers.



Director of Networking

Major: Financial Planning and Finance

Year: Junior

Experience: Audit Intern at KPMG; Financial Management at Brandon's Candle's 

I joined FPA as a freshman to try and get more exposure to different career paths I could take. I love the idea of being able to make a large impact on people's lives and love the opportunities offered in TU-FPA. I've had a great experience being a part of this organization thus far and thrive to continue developing amazing relationships and seeing this SPO grow.



Director of Education

Major: Financial Planning 

Year: Senior

Experience:Financial Planning Intern at Lincoln Financial Network; Investment Advisory Intern at Fortis Wealth; FPA Virtual Externship; Client Advisor Intern at Legacy Advisors (Accepted full-time)

TU-FPA has allowed me to see the importance in choosing a meaningful career. The organization taught me all the different avenues that you can take depending on your personality. I have created friendships with members and professional experts in the field that will carry out past my time at Temple.